Take Care of Your Clothes

Before Summer is officially here, make sure to give your Fall/Winter wardrobe a little love.

1) Take your sweaters to the dry cleaner before you store them for the season.  Leaving dirt and body oils on the fibers will cause them to deteriorate more quickly. Once clean, they will be fresh and ready to go as soon as there is a chill in the air again.

2) Launder your denim before storing that as well.  There are a handful of jeans that I leave in my closet for the Summertime; but generally speaking, jeans feel too heavy to wear during June, July and August.  For these items, I wash them inside out in cold water and hang them to dry. Once completely dry, I store them on their hangers in a separate closet.

3) Buff and puff your shoes.  Take shoes and boots to the cobbler to be re-heeled (if needed), polished and shined.  Leather will dry out and crack if not treated regularly plus most marks or scratches can be easily fixed at a good shoe repair.