How to Shop a Great Sale

Few shopping experiences are more satisfying than finding a great deal:  a quality piece at a deep discount that works perfectly for you.  Greenwich offers it's sidewalk sales each July and there is abundant opportunity to find those great deals.  But there's also the temptation to buy something that used to be very expensive just because it's no longer so pricey. Those purchases tend to hang in closets with tags still on.  Here are 3 tips for maximum success at the sales starting on Greenwich Avenue this Thursday.

Lela Rose citrine floral dress ,  Kate Spade straw wristlet ,  Lanvin navy suede bag ,  Agnona beige studded dress ,  Runhof black stretch cotton dress ,  Derek Lam patchwork bag ,  MR. suede and python crossbody . None of the earrings are on sale, but they were just too pretty to leave out!  All at Shreve, Crump & Low on Greenwich Ave.

Lela Rose citrine floral dress, Kate Spade straw wristlet, Lanvin navy suede bag, Agnona beige studded dress, Runhof black stretch cotton dress, Derek Lam patchwork bag, MR. suede and python crossbody. None of the earrings are on sale, but they were just too pretty to leave out!  All at Shreve, Crump & Low on Greenwich Ave.

1) Have a Plan.  Decide what you would like to find before you go. This is the perfect time to search out an 'investment' piece at a great price--something classic that will stand the test of time.  Do you need to update your trench coat? perfect leather pumps? beautiful handbag or earrings?  You can also go in the opposite direction:  find a show-stopper dress for an upcoming event; or statement sandals that will complete any little black dress already hanging in your closet.  A unique and specific piece that you would never spend $$$$ on...but would consider spending $$ on.

2) Don't buy it if it doesn't fit.  We've all been in this situation: you've found a piece you love at an amazing price...if only it wasn't so short; ; if only it wasn't backless; if only it zipped all the way up.  Those who have worked with me know that I'm all about altering favorite pieces so that they work for you.  A hem here, taking in at the waist there, even fixing the shoulders when called for...but letting out skimpy seams (there's never a lot of room in there) or completely re-cutting something to make it fit isn't practical.  Not only will it be expensive and time-consuming, but the final result rarely resembles what you had imagined it to be.  And if it's a matter of only losing 5 pounds to make it work, unless you've already lost 4 of those pounds, release the item.

3) Shift your inner attitude.  This is my favorite one because it always works!  Approach the sales with an appreciation for the amount of choices and great quality to be found in our own backyard.  Isn't Greenwich amazing?  Wonderful community spirit, beautiful amenities like parks, marinas, and the beach, and Greenwich Avenue with all of its offerings to boot.  Focus on this third tactic while keeping #1 and #2 in mind and most likely the perfect pieces will fall right into your lap.

Happy Hunting!