Summer to Fall Workplace Wardrobe

What to wear to work when it's 60 degrees in the morning and 80 degrees by afternoon? Natural fabrics in darker colors and lightweight shoes with lots of open spaces...

If the dress code in your workplace allows open-toed shoes, these alone can get you through the transitional weather of late September.  Wear these styles with cotton pants, jackets and/or dresses in darker colors.  Put away the bright colors in your closet and pull out the navy, dark denim, and jewel-toned cottons and silks.

For the men: buy a pair of lightweight dress shoes designed to breathe (and don't forget breathable socks, too).  A stretch cotton blazer looks crisp (not rumpled like linen), and will keep you cool when the afternoon temperature shoots up outside.


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” –
— Aesop

I love this quote from The Undies Project website.  This organization is collecting new underwear to send to the people of Texas and Florida after the recent devastating hurricanes.  Such a great idea and effective way to truly help.  Click here to see how to donate.