How to Wear Maxi Skirts + Boots

The maxi trend is going strong. Whether you choose a slim, bias cut or A-line with a little flair or fully-pleated, voluminous piece, the correct footwear is a must. Boots are a chic option. You can show a little leg between the end of the skirt and top of the boot. Or choose a taller boot over which the skirt will hang. A heel always helps, but it’s nice to have flat options for everyday. If you want to wear hosiery (it’s cold outside these days!!), make a conscious choice to either match the skirt color or the tone of your boot. Here are some visual references for you to follow.

Show a little leg (top left example) or add a ribbed tight in a neutral color to pull together the skirt and boot tones. Or keep your leg completely covered by choosing a knee-length boot over which the skirt will hang (top right example). For a dressier look, choose all black, except the creme colored skirt (bottom left example). I suggest adding an opaque black tight to this outfit. Everything is black except that gorgeous pale skirt. And for everyday, choose a flat boot the hits mid-calf (bottom right example). Add a dark tight here, too—ribbed grey or deep forest green would be so pretty with that outfit.