Going Somewhere?

Whether you’re headed to sea, ski or somewhere in between, here are some simple suggestions for creating a great travel wardrobe.

Before you start: take a few minutes to visualize what you’ll be doing each day of your trip. For example,  5 days at the beach with casual lunches and 3 dressy dinners or 3 days skiing, 3 days hiking, 2 dinners with friends, 3 business dinners, etc.  This way you’ll know exactly what you need.

#1 Start with your shoes. Choose a dressy night shoe (this doesn’t have to be a heel but it can be); 3 everyday yet still great for walking options (such as fashion sneakers, flats, or booties); and then add in flip-flops or snow boots or anything else specific to your destination. If you’re flying: wear easy on-off shoes to go through security OR conversely, your heaviest boot so that it doesn’t take up space in your suitcase.



#2 Build your outfits up from the shoes you’ve already chosen. Work within a specific color way so that many (or all!) of the pieces can be mixed and matched.  In these pictures, we chose blue—green—orange as our color way.  Notice how we used multiple tones of each of these colors. Typically, I suggest packing solid colored pants so that each can be worn with many different top options. Want to fit everything into a carry-on? Use this formula: 5 tops + 3 bottoms + 2 dresses + 2 cardigans/jackets and 4 pairs of shoes = 7 days of vacation.


#3 Don’t forget specific undergarments and jewelry to go with each outfit. Use an accessories travel pouch with clear, zip pockets or separate your jewelry for each outfit and store in individual zip-top baggies.


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