3 Trends to Try for Fall 2018

I love that with each new season, ‘Fashion’ is becoming more and more about personal style and not so much about wearing ‘what’s in’ or ‘what’s out.’ Individualism is the overall trend. Having said that, it is really fun to add in a few new, trendy pieces each season to your closet. I’ve picked 3 that I think can work in just about anyone’s closet no matter your style—preppy, artsy, classic, etc. Choose silhouettes that feel good on you. To really stand out this Fall, choose a leopard dress or oversize plaid blazer or dark floral maxi dress. To be more subtle, choose one of these patterns in a top or belt or fitted jacket. Have fun with these! Click here for a Pinterest board I created full of ideas with a wide range of prices plus images of how to wear these items.

Fall 18 Trends.001.jpeg