What to Wear on the Plane

Sometimes the “plane outfit” is the trickiest part of packing for a trip. You may start off in one climate and end in another. Or, the flight is long, you anticipate getting rumpled and the city that you’re landing in is chic. Or, you tend to get really cold (or hot)! Here are a few suggestions for layering on a plane so you look great at every stage and build of the outfit :) Buon viaggio!!

the Plane outfit a.002.jpeg

When the flight is LONG, start out in workout gear: leggings, a comfy T-shirt, sneakers and a vest. Bring a cute cardigan and scarf in a similar color palette—mix and match and rearrange throughout the flight. Sneakers on, sneakers off, etc. Before landing, make a quick change from leggings into cute jeans—think of it as yoga in that tiny bathroom—the stretching, the twisting, the balancing on one foot :) You can layer the workout vest under the cardigan and scarf. Add an earring and exit at the gate looking fantastic after such a long flight.

the Plane outfit.001.jpeg

When you’re heading from one climate to another—use layers and color to make the transition. Start in a warm coat, scarf and boots (which you can ditch into a tote when you land), peel away the winter-worthy layers to end in a gauzy top, sleeves rolled up, and all accessories island-ready (shoes, too—which you’ll swap right before landing). This will comfortably get you to your accommodations where you can then change gears completely into warm-weather attire. When you (sadly!) have to return to the cold weather, repeat this same outfit in reverse for the plane ride home.

the Plane outfit a.001.jpeg

Black + white + blue jeans always looks great. The shoes are easy on, easy off. The only color in this combination is the scarf—which can be wrapped at the neck or worn as a shawl. The outfit above can be as simple as a white T-shirt and jeans with the extra pieces (scarf and black cardigan and black poncho) stowed in your carry-on. Or it can layer up to T-shirt, jeans, cardigan, scarf with the black poncho thrown over top of it all. Don’t worry about the cardigan hanging lower than the poncho—it will look very chic to have different ‘levels’ to your outfit. When you put the poncho on top of everything, pull the necklace out on top of the poncho.

the Plane outfit b.001.jpeg

For a shorter flight (city to city), you can start with a base of T-shirt and chinos and then add a small cardigan and fitted blazer. The cardigan can be worn over the shoulders or under the blazer. The scarf can be worn around the neck or around the shoulders (even around the shoulders over top of the blazer). The belt can be added just before landing. Slip on shoes are always helpful. Again, keep the color palette simple so that all pieces mix and match with each other.