What to Wear during May(hem)

I love the month of May! But it has become as hectic as the holidays (if not more so) . Hearing it described as Mayhem made me laugh. Here is some outfit inspiration to get you through this month of wonderful celebrations and busyness. It’s all good! But it’s also good to take care of yourself and have your outfits planned in advance :) Use color, proportion and the right accessories to create looks of your own based on these examples. Instructions below.

Here’s how you can replicate:

The Graduation Look—repeat the floral motif on a dress or top in your accessories. Here it’s done literally on the earring and more subtly on the petal-like scallops of the white sandal.

The Birthday Brunch Look—combine the traditional pieces (jacket, necklace, white jeans or trousers) with a more casual platform sandal to modernize the whole look.

The Work Look—pair all-black everything with a brightly colored, lightweight jacket and scarf that echoes the color of the jacket.

The Benefit Outfit—choose details on your dress that reflect the theme of the event. ‘Masquerade’ was the theme here—the black filigree and colored earrings conjure Venetian masks.

The Committee Meeting Look—focus on one color and use different tones of it to elevate your casual look. These pants have a pale pink windowpane running through and so the T-shirt, the sweater, the necklace and even the shoes have differing tones of pink in each.

The Lunch Outfit—combine complementary colors in a sophisticated way. The cadet blue of the pants pairs well with the gold undertones of the cinnamon sweater. Similar colors in the scarf pull the look together.

The Day to Dinner Dress—use a similar color in each piece. The blue bead in the necklace and blue/grey fleck in the sandal successfully draws the eye from the dress to the necklace to the shoe and back up again.

The School Event Outfit—invest in a great jacket made in a beautiful fabric. Wear this with a white T-shirt and any pants: crisp navy cotton pants in this example, but also light wash blue jeans or white skinny jeans, too.

The NYC Outfit—wear the same color on repeat. In this example, everything is navy: the leather jacket, the crisp blouse and stove-pipe pants. Make sure each fabric is different (one matte, one shiny, one textured) and don’t be afraid to mix black accessories with navy clothing.