Are these a bunch of bracelets or a study in repetition and contrast?

Repetition makes the human eye happy!  It can move from one element to another without getting stuck.  Too much repetition and the grouping becomes boring.  This is the time to add some contrast.  See below for an explanation of how these two ideas are working in the image and how you can apply these concepts to your own wardrobe...

Keep some basic design principles in mind when choosing your accessories.

Keep some basic design principles in mind when choosing your accessories.

Each of the bracelets above repeats its shape over and over.  The large red rectangles repeat as do the crocheted flowers, the pearls, the links and the brown rectangles.  The contrast comes into play with the softness and texture of the crocheted yarn and twisted silk rope (with pearls attached) against the smooth, hard red and brown rectangles.  There is even more contrast in terms of size:  the extra large red rectangles against the tiny pearls or smaller brown rectangles. But then the repetition comes back into play: the brown rectangles pick up the brown in the red bracelet. And then there's more contrast: the dark red and brown colors play against the creme and gold.  But then the creme and gold colors are repeated in three consecutive lines.

These principles of repetition and contrast can be used when choosing many accessories from necklaces to neck ties:  layer your necklaces to create the repetition and contrast--wear a tie with a repeating pattern that picks up a color or pattern in your dress shirt or pocket square. Keep these ideas in mind the next time you're finishing an outfit.  Attention to these principles with elevate any look you put together.

A Week of Casual Summer Work Outfits

If you work in a casual-dress office setting, then you know that sometimes casual is the hardest look to get right.  A T-shirt is casual, but often just not professional enough.  Put on a dress and heels and you can look like you're trying way too hard. Particularly in the Summertime, when casual can mean shorts and flip-flops to some people, dressing for the office can be confusing. Here are 5 outfit ideas from Monday through Friday.  Use the templates as daily ideas and adjust the looks based on your personal style.  All details below…

Give Mondays a boost of energy using color and pattern. These are red linen cropped trousers with a drape-y, back-printed tank plus gold geometric details on the necklace and sandals.  Notice the silhouette of the tank—long and loose; it is still Monday, after all.

For Tuesday, a simple dress with an espadrille wedge and feminine drop earring looks polished yet easy.  Keep a pair of flats under your desk for running to lunch.

Wednesday calls for another dress.  This one is more structured and worn with classic silver hoops and a more refined cork slide/sandal.

On Thursday, a pretty tank and colored cotton pants look fresh.  Add nude patent leather flats and classic gold ball earrings.  When stepping into a meeting, create a ‘casual suit’ by adding a linen/cotton chambray blazer.

Summer Fridays in a casual office call for denim.  Rather than wearing typical blue jeans and a white top, flip that idea with a blue denim popover and white brushed-cotton jeans.  The metallic flats and colorful bracelet pull the look together while keeping it comfy and ready for the weekend.